Ways to Pick Up a Guy at a Bar

pick up a guy

The days of the guy having to come up with all of the moves are gone, ladies. You’ve got every right and are even expected to make the moves to pick up a man at the bar. That’s what equality brings. Contrary to our male counterparts, we have not been schooled on what ways can work for us to pick up this guy you like at a local bar. What should you say? There are three ways which will work to help you pick up that cute guy you like.

Number one is straightforward. This sounds too easy to be a way to pick up a guy at a bar, but it works. Men are drawn to confident and independent women. A smile shows the man sitting across the bar which you are happy in the skin you are in. If you are having a good time, why would not he love to join you? The hardest part about picking up a man at the bar is originally gaining his attention. Now that you’ve completed this, you’re well on your way to picking up that man throughout the bar.

The guy sitting across from you at the bar is not a mind reader. Forget about being delicate, with guys it is all about being upfront and to the stage. The best way to do so is to send a beverage his way. This will let him know that you are thinking about picking him up.

Third way to get a man at the pub is to simply go up to him and begin a conversation with him. To pick up this man, you will need to gather your nerves and talk with him. A great conversation starter is sports to get a guy. Most pubs will have local sporting events on their TVs. Proceed to that hottie throughout the bar and ask him about the score. Sit down next to him and simply let the conversation slow from there to pick up that man.

Selecting a man in a bar is extremely simple once you follow these 3 simple steps. When you’ve picked up that guy at the bar make sure to score his phone number so that you may move this connection to another level.