Top Five Dating Dislikes for Both Sexes

dating dislikes

To make sure your dating experiences go well, listed below you will find what turns off men and women the most. When you are preparing to meet someone new, make sure these events do not happen. Most likely, you will not hear from your date again if any of these problems occur while on your date.

1. Bad hygiene is a big turn off for both sexes. If you have any problems with body odor or bad breath make sure you resolve these issues before attempting to date anyone. If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own, then consult the advice of a physician or dentist depending on the issue. Remember, first impressions are very important, and if you have bad hygiene, then you may not get the chance to make another one.

2. Lying is not a good way to start off getting to know someone. Be honest when asked questions about yourself, even if you think your date will not like the answer. It is much easier to get caught up in your lies, when you do not tell the truth. By being open and honest, you can be proud of who you are for keeping your integrity. Most people will appreciate your truthfulness and respect you more for being straight with them. And, hopefully in return, they will reciprocate the same respect back by being honest with you.

3. Getting intoxicated on your date is not a good way to make a first impression. Try to drink only one or two alcoholic beverages, if needed. If your nerves are getting to you, you must use other methods to calm yourself down. You do not want to make a fool of yourself if you become too inebriated. This is a major turn off and may be the last impression you will be able to make due to the way you represented yourself.

4. Dress appropriately for your date. Being over dressed is always better than being under dressed. Men should wear a well-tailored suit or slacks with a nice dress shirt. Women have more options, just make sure you do not dress casual. A nice tailored dress or pants suit or even a nice cocktail dress would be appropriate. However, you can make an exception if you discuss with your date that casual dress would be more appropriate for what is planned for your date, then casual attire would be acceptable.

5. Do not brag about materialistic objects or how much money you have. This can turn off women quickly. The only individuals that will like you talking about your money will be gold diggers. Hopefully, these are not the type of individuals you want to attract. You should want people to get you know you for who you are and not for what you have.