No More Pick Up Lines: Conversation Starters with Women

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Almost all guys have trouble starting conversations with women. Believe me you’re not alone. The problem is how to approach a woman you’d like to meet naturally and with confidence. Don’t try to come up with a clever line as I’m sure you know they don’t work anyway. Then what to do? Well first, be natural about yourself and show that you are interested in them.

Being natural and honest, no matter how lame it may sound, is far better than the wittiest pick up line. Pick up lines just don’t work. Guys use pick up lines often because it seems like they are in control but there isn’t a woman on the face of the planet that doesn’t see right through you and know you are being fake. Women want to meet men too but are looking for romance and want to meet someone interesting. A pick up line just ruins the moment.

To get women to talk to you, be interested in them. Ask their opinion about something. Pick a topic that is going around at the moment. Ask them for their help or for their opinion but be sincere when you do this because if you’re not they will sense it instantly.

Women love to give their opinion because, just like us, most of the time we are not asked for our view on things. All of us love to tell people what we think. When people listen to us they acknowledge us. They stop thinking about themselves for a moment consider someone else. We all recognize this and it feels good. So if you want her to feel good about you be sincere and listen.

Be careful to avoid heavy or controversial subjects even if it is sincere. Keep it light and upbeat. Whatever is currently a fad or in the news will give you enough to chat about. Often you will find something to laugh about. Nothing could be better.

The most important person is her, not you. To start a conversation with a woman, ask her how she feels about something or ask for her opinion. Remember, when you ask and then listen to what she has to say you are showing more respect and interest that anything you could say. So don’t talk so much. The best way to talk to a woman is to listen to her. She is sure to find you charming and very intelligent.