How to Pick Up Girls

Have you ever walked through a public place, encountered a beautiful woman, and thought about whether you should say something or act upon this situation because you know you wanted to? Every guy has. Well the lesson is simple, don’t let an opportunity pass you by! Because the fact your friends probably told you is true, and that is…if you get shot down, who cares?… will never see her again. There can be an exception to the rule perhaps if she is from the same school or work place, but in most cases a random beautiful girl you encounter in a public place will be the last place you ever see her unless you act upon the opportunity.

A good way to start off a conversation might be to ask a general question, for example, “you have the time?”, or “do you know what time that store closes?” A great to make sure you don’t get a quick answer and a walk away would be to come up with a follow up statement to your initial question and it’s usually best if there’s some humor involved, for example, “you have the time?….well actually I have a watch”. Right then and there they will realize your plan and almost every time they won’t get mad but only think the whole situation is cute. After you have broken the ice, you are now in the clear to ask for the number or hang out for the time being, and what motives you have after that is completely up to you!