How to Pick Up Any Girl

pick up tips for guys

If you want to pick up girls with little or no hassle, then keep on reading. We have a few areas to cover before you go and attempt to pick up girls, and the more you practice them, the less trouble you will have with them. At least that’s what you keep reading and telling yourself. Now if you could just convince yourself of that you’d be in business.

The prime thing to remember is…Don’t give up after a couple of rejections and don’t get intimidated. I guarantee that almost every guy goes through this. There are just a few things you need to remember when asking out a girl or even think about asking one out. Here’s the quick and easy list:

• Be Picky. Stop and think for a moment, location is everything. Do you really want to ask her out today, at this place? If you do, then don’t just look for outer beauty. What interests you? Don’t just go for one girl; select several that look interesting and appealing. If you can’t find three girls that interest you, then it’s not worth your time and effort. Remember that you have control of Where, When and How.

• Start a conversation with her. The number one mistake that guys make is that they tell a girl a cheesy pickup line. Nobody likes to feel like they are the flavour of the moment. Making a first impression with a Cheesy pickup line is very unflattering.

• Smile and make eye contact. Having good looks isn’t the only thing that is appealing to a girl! Listening to a girl for what she has to say makes her feel very appreciated. Smiling and maintaining eye contact with a girl makes her feel special and appreciated.

• Have fun and enjoy yourself. When you are having fun when you are around a girl, it gives off positive energy. A girl can tell if you are not having fun. It makes the date feel very pushy and uncomfortable.

The next time you want to go out with a girl, try this. Pick out the girl that you want to go out with. Go up to her with confidence, smile, and say something like, “Hi. My name is —. I noticed your gorgeous smile from across the room and I would like to get to know you more. Would you mind having a light conversation with me?”

If everything goes to plan, she will start talking, and maybe, start flirting with you. This is the best way of starting a strong relationship. It is very effective and very potent. If for some reason she says she does mind, then smile, and excuse yourself and leave. Will will have your dignity and she will have her wish.