How to Get the Phone Number of a Woman

Many men ask me the question “How to get the number of a woman who interests me?” Gentlemen, the best way to do that is to go directly to the point.
How many times did you give your phone number to women so they call you? And the majority (99%) of women never did.


The answer is very simple. That’s because the man must take the first steps.

That is what we were taught from our youth. This is what society dictates. Yet this is obvious to those seducers and several women. The majority of women will wait until the man is the first. There are always exceptions to the rule but 99% of cases this is happening.

Many men have talked to me saying the preferred to give their phone numbers to women, saying that they are interested and they will call. By not wanting to be too aggressive, they prefer the passive approach, often for fear of being denied a telephone number.

After having tried several ways to get the telephone number of a woman, I’ve come to the conclusion, the most simple technique and also the one that works very well is to say … “What’s your number phone?

It is important not to ask “May I have your number or can you give me your phone number or worse is the supplier “Please can I have your phone number.”

Do not show especially that you are desperate (verbally or bodily) to get her number. It is unnecessary to make detours, go straight to the point and ask her phone number simply. You do not have to explain why. You may not have another opportunity to review this woman. It is therefore imperative to take action!

The first time you asked a woman she may show false resistance, even if she is interested in you. DO not let that disappoint you.

So why women say no, if indeed they want to say yes?

The answer is very simple, usually women do not want people think they are too friendly or “easy”. Often when you approach a woman for the first time and you ask her phone number, she will say something like “Well, wait a sec” or “I don’t know”. Many men take this temporary resistance as rejection and give up.

That’s a mistake!

More than half of women whom I ask for a phone number the first time I get a “no” which turns into a “YES” when I ask a second time.

Here is one method that works very well.

Me: What’s your phone number? (While getting my cell phone ready to note her phone number)

She: I don’t know / I can’t, I have a boy friend etc.

I don’t show any reaction and just look in their eyes without saying anything. Often women will give me their phone number. If that does not happen, I say (with a comic intonation) I promise to call you only 10 times a day or … I’ll call you next Tuesday at 5 o’clock in the morning!

Do not be discouraged if you do not get her phone number because often a woman will be reluctant to give you the number in first meeting. It is more likely that you will leave with either number and email or just her email. It is always possible to obtain her phone number later.