10 Dating Tips for Guys

dating tips

Dating rules can contrast drastically for men and women. This article will give men tips on how they can make their dating experience a good one. Before entering the dating scene, the following tips will help you become a good catch for that special someone.

1. First impressions count and should be taken seriously. Make sure to look your best. Invest in a well tailored suit and nice shoes, if you don’t have any. Have a great appearance

2. Have good hygiene and exquisite style. Spend some money on a bottle of cologne and make sure to get a nice haircut and groom all facial hair. Begin to practice a daily regime of good hygiene by taking a shower every day and brushing your teeth after every meal. And, use a grooming kit to maintain a well-groomed, physical appearance.

3. Have your act together. Make sure to have a career plan and future goals planned for yourself. It is best to have yourself together before dating anyone. Be prepared to be asked about your short-term and long-term plans for the future. Women are attracted to ambitious and driven men who know what they want out of life.

4. Have your finances and credit in order. This can be tied in with having your act together. You should focus on paying off any debt and try to keep a good credit score. This may not be a factor in the beginning, but it could affect you later on once you meet that special someone.

5. Stay current on the world affairs. Make sure to read your newspaper, read the news off the Internet, or watch the news on TV. You will be able to converse with your dating prospects about these events and show that you are aware of what is going on in the world.

6. Do not expect to score on the first date. If you meet someone that you are very interested in, you should be able to wait. Women will be very impressed with your patience. This goes with anything from traditional dating to meeting someone online or phone chat line. Stay put and patient.

7. Use good manners and be courteous. Treat your date with much respect. You should hold the doors open and close them when necessary. In addition, you should help her into her seat. Do not use profanity or be inconsiderate.

8. Listen attentively and remember what she is telling you. Make eye contact and use your body language to let her know that you are paying attention to her. Make sure to not talk during the entire date. By doing this, you will come off as being self-centered, and it will be a huge turn off.

9. Exude self confidence and high self esteem, however do not come off as being cocky or arrogant. Be confident when speaking and use good body posture. Make sure to give off a positive vibe and smile. Women are attracted to men who exude power and are self confident.

10. Do not smoke or get intoxicated while on your date.

If you want to be a good catch, make sure you have yourself together. When you invest in yourself and have your act together, you will be a hot commodity in the dating market.

So, do a self evaluation and improve in the skills and areas that you need to improve upon. You will be a better person, and it will make dating easier than what you ever expected. Have fun!